Softline, data-driven organization’s driving force


Softline is a group of data experts who can design, implement, and operate data systems. Since its origin, Softline has been in data business, and our expertise allows us to anticipate what is to come and what needs to be done. Softline understands enterprise data systems in various industries better than anyone else and knows required qualities to become data-driven. Out market-proven data engineering and data science expertise will help your journey toward data-driven organization.

What we do

Data Engineering

Design, implement, and operate data systems

Data engineering is a series of activities to design, implement, and operate data systems purposed to utilize maximum value out of data. It is the core competency for any data-driven organization.

Data Science

Extract actionable insight from data

Data science is a broad activities to draw actionable insights from data ranging from data analysis, visualization, to deployment. In order to deal with massive data, machine learning is now a key method to find meaningful patterns from data.

Consulting & Solution

Data strategizing and solution proposal

It is imperative for all organizations to set the right course among the deluge of information about Big Data, ML, and AI. Softline provides strategic guide and solutions toward data-driven organization.


  • 1. Vertica

    Analytics RDBMS designed to parallely store and analyze PB-sized enterprise data with lightening speed.

  • 2. Informatica

    Globally recognized player in data integration and cleansing.

  • 3. Tamr

    ML-based automated data unification platform to unify, cleanse, and master data from various sources for downstream data analysis.

  • 4. MSTR

    Total businss intelligence suite covering from visualization, reporting to ML-based analytics.

  • 5. IIAS

    High performance hardware platform and optimized database query engine software that work together to support a variety of data analysis and business reporting functions.


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